SWIM-BIKE-RUN Training : Officially Started!

•October 19, 2011 • Leave a Comment

I have been training for both biking and running since my last post.

I have been running for a minimum of 10K and a maximum of 21K per week since then.

I do biking for a minimu of 30K and maximum of 60K per week.

Swimming: NADA, ZILCH, ZERO!

However, TODAY is a milestone.    I had my first real swim training with my hubby – about an hour and a half of refresher swim.  What’s funny is I don’t think I know how to swim anymore.  This is going to be very harddddddd…. oh no!




Improved Running Form

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Last Saturday I ran for about 15km with my husband – from our home to Crocodile park, doing several rounds there before going home.  My left ankle was sore after that.  Had to put support since I played badminton from 9am – 12nn.

Today, I went running/jogging again.  I’m not sure how far it was but it took me around 2 hrs 30 mins. to finish.  Based on my calculation, probably betweek 16k-20k.  I am probably improving because I am not exhausted after the run.  I think I can control my breathing better now and I have better form.  According to runnersworld.com in their article “The Perfect Form”, here are some tips to a perfect running form.

  • straighten neck and back and torso, bring them into alignment
  • don’t allow your chin to jut out
  • shoulders should be low and loose, not high and tight
  • hands in an unclenched fist, with your fingers lightly touching your palms
  • elbows should be bent at about a 90-degree angle
  • stretch yourself up to your full height with your back comfortably straight
  • slight knee lift, a quick leg turnover, and a short stride
  • push off the ground with maximum force
  • ankle flexed as your foot rolls forward to create more force for push-off
  • foot should hit the ground lightly – landing between your heel and midfoot – then quickly roll forward
Of course, there are some instances when I slouch, especially when I am tired.  I remember my husband telling me to just take a deep breath when that happens and normally, I straighten my back again.
Now, off to badminton again…

The Beginning

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Being a triathlete was something I never dreamed of.

I started with simply playing badminton.  My motivation: to lose weight.  I weighed 180+ pounds when I started in September 2010.  After 2 months and after shedding off 18 pounds, I decided to join Fun Runs.  I started running 3k, then 5k, then 10k, then 15k, then 16k, and finally ran my first half-marathon (21k) in May 2011.

Last November 2010, I was able to witness the President’s Cup Triathlon Competition in Baywalk.  I thought that was interesting.  Then my husband decided to buy a mountain bike.  Then, he bought a road bike, since he wanted to join a triathlon, too. Last January, I started mountain-biking.  When my husband joined his first triathlon NAGT (National Age Group Triathlon Series), that made me realize that I can do it, too.

I’ve been constantly joining marathons and mountain-biking, too.  I started biking around the city, then the outskirts.  As of today, the longest bike ride I have done was about 35 kms. I think I am getting there.

Next thing to do : practice swimming.

So, my journey begins…